The Middle Schooler That Never Grew Up & The Infamous Cup of Doom with Mark A. Hensler

“We had something that I call the cup of doom, where we put all the kids names on the popsicle stick. I would alternate the test one week we would go Alphabetically you know by last name A to Z and then the next, it was random. But the kids they would start chanting ‘Cup of Doom! Cup of Doom!’, like they couldn’t wait to take the playing tests!”

Is This You? Building Perceptual Awareness in Listening

Listen to the clip once more and this time, point out the times that sounds came into the scene. Ask students to guess what those sounds were. Stop and start the clip as often as you like so that students are refining their observations each time. They may discuss with their team and with the class (10 minutes)
Now, show them the clip with sound. Write down any sounds that they may have missed.